The Board


He is the life of the riding-centre, owner and head of the farm named "Asiland" that shares the place with the association.

He takes care of all animals in person, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and he never falls asleep without an evening check-up to verify their health conditions.

Tireless breeder, farmer, mechanic, carpenter, plumber, gardener (and so on and so forth!), although he works hard from sunrise to sunset, he finds time for helping novice riders in their first lessons, or bringing members to pleasant rides in the countryside.

  • 1st Level Horseriding Instructor (US ACLI qualification) 
  • Ride Escort (US ACLI qualification)

MANUELA CAMATEL (Vice-president)

She is the "technological" one, so she often ends up handling all those computer-related jobs.

She carries out riding lessons for children and adults. In her spare time, she tries to study and develop various activities, such as educational events for schools and groups.

Since 2015, when she met donkeys, her horse-shaped heart have had a long-eared part (just like our logo!). For this reason she decided to qualify as a Donkey Assistant according to Italian regulation, with the purpose to activate Animal-Assisted Intervention programs. 

  • 1st Level Horse Riding Instructor (US ACLI qualification)
  • Supervisor of Educational Activities for Asiland farm
  • Donkey Assistant - basic level (Italian guidelines for AAI)


She's the "academic" of the team. She loves dressage very much, and is the referee for those who wants to improve their riding technique. 

She often promotes and organizes training events focused on the horses' psychology and the correct way to communicate with them. Furthermore, as she is a professional in the artistic and cultural field, she loves to mix her skills to offer new activities to members!

When she wants to relax, nothing is better than a horse-back riding in the countryside, but also brushing her horse's mantle or whatching it browsing.

  • 1st Level Horse Riding Instructor (US ACLI qualification)
  • Ride Escort (Piedmont Regional Council qualification)

Horses and other Friends

We are in good company at Donkey Ranch! More than 60 horses, ponies, donkeys and... the special guest: Milka the cow!


Evelyn Wassmer

Vaulting instructor and international judge, she has a special relationship with Varet, the docile and super-patient horse specialized in this job. Since 2018 she has been making her professionalism available to children who want to deal with this fun discipline.
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Trusted professionals

At Donkey Ranch we can count on a team of highly qualified professionals to provide horses the best physical and psychological condition. In fact, we boast the cooperation and friendship of specialists in barefoot trimming, animal osteopathy, and ethological horsemanship.
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